2 years ago, when I moved to Japan to work at Universal Studios Japan, I met so many talented musicians. Of these incredible musicians was a young pianist named Aiko Yoshiba. Upon connecting with her, we became very good friends and collaborated on many projects throughout my 2 year residency. I can’t thank her enough for being available to me as much as she was.

About a year after first meeting her, she came to me with an idea of creating/composing an album and asked me if I would lend my vocals. Honored and humbled, I agreed. The rest is history. From just a mere idea/thought, she created a nine song album entitled, “New Song.” Blending Jazz, Soul, Funk, and Pop, Aiko, along with 3 other extremely talented musicians, birthed this wonderful album that was just released in August.

I am so excited to have been able to be a part of this project and to have had the opportunity to share, not only stages, but this album with all of these musicians – Aiko (pianist), Shinya (saxophonist), Takato (bassist), and Von (drummer) – as well as, the man who engineered the whole thing, Mr. Kazuhei.

Thank you everyone for an incredibly fun experience and a special thanks to Aiko for asking me to join them. Because of her, a part of me will always remain in Japan.

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